Santa Rosa Wine Club

The Santa Rosa Wine Club was founded in 1976 by local wine producers, growers and wine enthsiasts to advance member education about wine.  See the History tab for a summary of the club's origin and activities.

We are also a social organization, gathering at member's homes, wineries and other venues to enjoy each others company and share our appreciation of wine.

In a typical year the Santa Rosa Wine Club holds five events including an overnight trip and our annual Holiday dinner.  Events are planned, organized and executed by members working in volunteer teams.  Events include tours of vineyards, wineries, wine producing facilities and frequently include guest speakers.  Food, ususally lunch, and wine are always part of the occasion.  Overnight trips, are planned for visits outside Sonoma County.  The holiday dinner is a semi-formal event at which the officers elected to serve the next calendar year assume their responsibilities.

This web site is intended to hlep our members keep informed about club events and provide a photo record of recent activities.  Club members will receive e-mail notices about changes to the site:  the posting of new information such as the President's Message and event announcements.  We hope the website meets your needs.  Suggestions for improvements should be sent to the webmaster.

An Association of People Who Appreciate Wine and the Wine Country